Baby Boomers

If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are part of that amazing generation known as the baby boomers. Over the years following World War II, a whole generation of young Veterans came home and began families, which grew into a population boom of 76,000,000 people between the aforementioned years. Baby boomers grew up during a period of prosperity and the economic benefits of a post-war economy, with the GI bill aiding their parents in securing loans for housing and education that would benefit their families for years to come. Present day, baby boomers control 70% of the nation’s disposable income and they are the driver for many modern solutions in healthcare and retirement as they continue to age.

Baby boomers were born to go out into the world and conquer. When they are faced with a challenge, they meet it with a can-do attitude and get the job done. For a generation like that, you need new health solutions. For many of the problems we face healthwise now, more and more people are looking at CBD oil to assist them with their medical problems. How does that benefit the baby boomers? Here are some common health issues boomers face that CBD oil can help with.

Chronic Pain

As we age, like it or not we are more prone to chronic pain. Joints ache, muscles get sore, and we find ourselves slowing down to take it a little easier on our bodies. Boomers can help to relieve some of their aches and pains by using CBD oil as many do for such ailments. CBD oil helps to bring relief by reducing the inflammation that can cause aches and pains, leaving the user feeling much improved. In order to maintain our quality of life, we want to be able to maintain our mobility as long as possible. CBD can help by relieving some of the pain that is trying to slow you down.

Caregiver Stress

Baby boomers are an aging generation, with the first boomers hitting 65 in 2011. As they are aging, so are their parents. The stress and strain of caregiving can take its toll on your body, mind, and spirit. During such times, anxieties can flare up. CBD oil can be extremely helpful in reducing one’s anxiety and making the condition more manageable. How does it work? CBD oil connects with receptors in our brains that are believed to help regulate different systems in our bodies such as brain function, digestion, stress, and pain response. When the systems are running low on cannabinoids, conditions in these areas can be assisted by replenishing them with CBD. That means that some of the anxiety and stress you are feeling can become easier to manage by implementing CBD oil as a regular part of your health routine. Be sure to combine it with other stress management techniques such as mindfulness, and daily exercise for the best results.

Fewer Prescriptions/ Side effects

As we age, there are many different problems that our bodies need medical intervention to help with. Many of these medications can produce side effects that can be less than pleasant. If you are a person who is managing multiple conditions and CBD can help with some, you are running a lower risk of having to take as many drugs, and you will encounter fewer side effects as a result. Be sure to discuss with your doctor before discontinuing any of the drugs you have been prescribed for the sake of your health.


Depression is a cycle of symptoms from feeling numb, to overwhelming sadness, to fear about the future and what it can hold. With the challenges that many boomers face in life, especially with caregiving, having children staying in the home longer than expected, retirement looming on the horizon and the general stress of life, depression can be a serious issue for the generation. In order to maintain your mental health, be sure to get adequate amounts of rest, socialize as part of the community, and even seek the services of a therapist. When it comes to the physical symptoms of depression, implementing CBD oil to support your health is going to keep you moving in a positive direction.

CBD – Your Choice

Boomers are facing new health challenges with the gusto with which they face every obstacle. Take your time and learn how CBD oil can help you. This could be a way to revolutionize your health care as you know it. Being innovative? That’s the baby boomer way!

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