CBD and Our Immune System

CBD and Our Immune System


Welcome to a new year! There is an energy of renewed hope, and the turmoil of last year has left many of us feeling frazzled yet gratefully aware of our health. Cold, flu, and social viruses abound, and we should continue to be diligent about protecting ourselves and supporting our immune system. Despair not! There are natural alternatives to prescription drugs, and CBD products to keep you from falling ill. While search engines can be your best friend, providing a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, perhaps you need a little assistance to sort through all the information and medical jargon. Here’s how CBD can help your immune response.

It’s worth a quick review of the immune system to better understand how CBD works. The immune system is responsible for identifying and eliminating foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. When such a threat is present, the body produces proteins known as cytokines to combat illness. However, cytokines are also responsible for acute and chronic inflammation, and an overproduction of these proteins is damaging. Those suffering from an autoimmune disorder may take medication to suppress the inflammatory response leaving their bodies susceptible to other illnesses.

Enter CBD and the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol has been shown to be an immuno-modulator, interacting with the endocannabinoid system to restore balance. Studies show it inhibits the overproduction of cytokines, reducing inflammation,1 and suppressing only the specific parts of the immune system necessary to combat autoimmune disease. CBD may also bolster the overall immune system after it has been weakened by supporting natural killer and T cell activity.2 Recent medical studies have shown promise in using CBD to effectively combat tumor growth through a process called apoptosis, a programmed cell death of infectious cells. These findings are very compelling since cancer cells are sneaky, avoiding detection and apoptosis.3

If the holidays, recent election, and subsequent chaos left your stomach in knots, CBD can help with that too. Keeping our stress response under control is paramount to our psychological and physical health. In addition to creating more inflammation in the body, stress can cause a whole host of unwanted physiological symptoms (grey hair, anyone?). In a double-blind study, participants given 300 mg of CBD prior to making a speech showed a more relaxed cognitive state than their counterparts.2 Using CBD to combat stress may reduce sleeplessness, anxiety and the desire to drown your worries in alcohol. It can also promote gut health,2 easing your heartburn while digesting the news. A healthy gut means better absorption of nutrients and a stronger immune system.

Back to our new year, new start. Health is wealth and high-quality CBD products, such as those from Nona Oils, will help you remain calm and healthy. CBD will give your immune system the edge it needs so you can focus on other important things, like championing sweatpants as the new official work uniform when you return to the office. Be well, friends.


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