5 Wonderful CBD Facts You Should Know About

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If you are a frequent or beginner CBD user in search of accurate CBD facts, prepare to be shocked. Most of the CBD info available is either inaccurate or half-truths.

CBD has grown in popularity over the past few years, and since then, there has been a rise in fake CBD brands providing misleading information.

Therefore, in this post, I will reveal five valid CBD facts that are a must-know so that you can easily identify any wrong information on CBD.


  1. CBD Is Sourced From Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill stated that CBD products derived from the hemp plant or industrial hemp are legal. What it declared was hemp to be distinguished as an agricultural product.

But what is the difference between hemp, marijuana, and cannabis?

The cannabis plant has different varieties that comprise marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has high THC quantities and reduced CBD quantity, while hemp has high CBD quantities and low THC quantities.

Therefore, products of CBD with a THC of <0.3% are obtained from hemp. Therefore hemp is used by CBD brands to produce legal CBD products.


  1. CBD Will Not Get You High

The fact that CBD is part of the cannabis plant, most people assume that you’ll get high by using it.

Yes, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant but, it is non-psychoactive, meaning you won’t get high. The chemical compound THC that’s also part of the cannabis plant is responsible for you being high (psychoactive).

Therefore, you can use CBD products comfortably without the worry of being stoned. So you can be at ease when taking a CBD gummy at home or work.

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  1. CBD’s Legality Is Complicated

The 2018 Farm Bill declared that CBD is federally legal in all 50 U.S. states. But your CBD products must have been hemp-derived and have THC levels of <0.3%.

According to the federal level, you can use and sell CBD products, but there are state laws. Each state has its different laws or regulation on CBD products. It’s important to learn what your state’s stance on CBD.

For instance, a state like Colorado accepts CBD and, it’s legal to use, but in a state like South Dakota, CBD is still illegal. Therefore familiarize yourself with the local laws first.


  1. CBD Is Just One of the Compounds in Cannabis

The cannabis plant has over 100 chemical compounds, and they are all referred to as cannabinoids. CBD and THC are part of these cannabinoids and the most abundant. This is why they are the most studied and researched.

The other lesser-known cannabinoids are:

This is not the full list of cannabis 100+ cannabinoids, just the ones causing excitement.

The lack of research on these cannabinoids is because they are; found in the cannabis plant at smaller quantities.

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  1. Epidiolex Is the Only FDA Approved CBD Drug/Product

In 2018 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the drug Epidiolex to be used in treating seizures. The drug contains CBD, and it was, proven by clinical trials and studies to be helpful in; seizures associated with epilepsy.

The conditions that the drug manages are Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These are two rare forms of epilepsy that affect children mostly.

According to a study where CBD was, used, in children’s seizure treatment, 84% of parents reported a decline in the frequency of their child’s seizures, and 11% of these reported a complete cure of seizures.

More recently, the FDA approved Epidiolex to be used by people with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) in alleviating their seizures.

The fact that this CBD drug got approval highlights the incredible possibilities that CBD can contribute to the medical field.



Since there is always a buzz with CBD, it’s sometimes hard for you to know what’s true and false. There is a lot of misinformation and knowing which CBD facts are real is essential.

You must know that CBD won’t get you high, its legality is complicated, is sourced from hemp, it’s just one compound of cannabis, and the FDA approved a CBD drug.


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