5 Ways You Can Easily Spot Fake CBD Brands and Products

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5 Ways You Can Easily Spot Fake CBD Brands and Products

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In the US, CBD sales are, predicted to reach about $1.8 billion by 2022. This growth and boom in the CBD industry aren’t only piquing the interest of entrepreneurs and market analysts, but scammers too. They want a piece of the pie and, unfortunately, create fake CBD brands to trick you.

Yes, there are fake CBD’s that have infiltrated the market and industry, but there is a way you can identify and differentiate between; fake and genuine CBD.

So in this post, I’m going to reveal how to spot fake CBD brands and products so that you won’t be putting your health at risk with counterfeit products.

1.       Unsubstantiated Claims and Promises

CBD is a stunning product but, it isn’t a cure-all type of product. Since the CBD industry is mostly unregulated, some brands are selling CBD as a miracle drug.

The most common lie and promise that they push are that CBD cures cancer. But in reality, CBD does not cure cancer, but it may help cancer patients in; alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy.

Therefore, stay away from brands or manufacturers that push the narrative that CBD will cure-all.

2.       The Prices Are Pretty Low

Producing a quality CBD product is pricey. You start with harvesting the hemp, extracting CBD from hemp leaves and flowers, testing to ensure there aren’t any additives and heavy metals, checking the CBD content, and eventually packaging it.

This whole process is costly, and this is; manifested in your CBD product price tag.

But remember that there’s a difference between affordability and cheap CBD. Low-priced CBD, which is exploitative, has prices that are too good to be true. Affordable CBD isn’t too expensive or too cheap.

You are investing in your health so, whether you seek CBD for reducing anxiety or helping with inflammation, it doesn’t come cheaply.

3.       The Free Trials Trap

There isn’t a legitimate CBD brand offering its CBD oil for free. No free trials or free samples are; awarded. Therefore, if you want a CBD product, you have to purchase one.

But illegitimate brands use this trick or dupe you to; swap your credit card information for the free CBD samples and trials.

So be wary whenever you spot such trickery.

4.       There Is No Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Third-Party Testing

A COA is a document that details the list and amount of ingredients found in a finished CBD product. This document is a necessity for CBD brands to have transparency and highlight the quality of their product.

A COA is, a result of brands sending their CBD products to be tested by independent and state-licensed laboratories. It’s what is, referred to as third-party testing.

You’ll get to see and read the percentage of CBD and THC. What other cannabinoids and contaminants are present in the product.

A study by a Penn Medicine researcher revealed that nearly 70% of CBD products sold online are either over or under labeled.  This misrepresentation can be dangerous to consumers and, that’s why having access to a COA is crucial.

5.       Pushing Hemp Seed Oil as CBD Oil

It’s a trick that’s most prevalent on Amazon, where hemp seed oil is branded as CBD oil and offers the same benefits as CBD. But CBD is derived from hemp flowers and, hemp seeds don’t have any CBD. The oil derived from the hemp seeds is beneficial in cooking and skincare products.

Legit CBD oil is, labeled as hemp-derived, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil, certified CBD, and cannabidiol.

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Also, hemp seed oil is much cheaper than genuine CBD oil. Therefore, it is a warning sign to be keen on.


Any CBD product you’re taking, you will be either ingesting or applying. Hence you mustn’t use a product that will affect your health and body negatively. It’s why the CBD industry is concerned with fake CBD brands infiltrating the market and industry.

But by spotting red flags like low prices, unsubstantiated claims, free CBD samples, hemp seed oil being CBD oil, and lacking the certificate of analysis and third-party tests, you’ll be an intelligent CBD consumer.

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